AFFLICTION GATE Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions Review

Afflictiongate Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

AFFLICTION GATE “Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions”

Metal Inquisition Recs

Aaaarg!!! The last attack from this French horde is truly lethal!!! This is their second production, and although is just an EP with four tracks, the material is totally enjoyable and you can feel dead miasma running through you veins since the beginning. Everybody knows Herostratos and his powerful throat making furious growling like a fucking demon. On this production, he really consolidated a solid style, very into old Asphix, Bolt Thrower, old Unleashed, etc. Actually, the band already developed a great sound through raw guitar riffs, and bad blood vibes, rooted into old death music. These guys know how to take advantage of a huge musical background, and step into Swedish death metal sound mixed with a personal touch, coming from the most violent and stinky side of the dead music. I think that the guitar lines are carefully produced, because they show excellent arrangements, like in the case of “Aftermath: Curse”, where they deliver an obscured guitar solo forged by the influence of Schuldiner and his legacy. Even the sound of the instruments is quite particular. All in all, this is a great band coming from the French underground scene, and you will worship if those names mentioned above are familiar to you. My total support since the fucking beginning!!! – Victor Varas

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