ANATOMIA Dead Bodies in the Morgue Review

Anatomia review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

ANATOMIA “Dead Bodies in the Morgue”

Memento Mori

Every time I receive new material from this label, I just should be prepared for a storm of deadly, poisonous and ultra rotten death music I’ve heard now days. And this is not an exception.  The roots are rotten and sick as hell, because this album sounds totally immersed in black blood, viscous sludge and filth. Indeed, this is a Japanese death metal band delivering pure fucking music that sounds dark, heavy and filthy like muddy. The production sounds totally putrid, since is a compilation of a couple of the first demos but is perfect for a bad atmosphere full of cursed guitar riffs and ultra low growls. Indeed, all tracks are very low tuned, and these trio of mother fuckers managed great guitar riffs, heavy like a fucking granite stone. This CD includes some tracks recorded in the rehearsal room, and a couple of cover versions from Autopsy (Aaaaargh!!! “Charred Remains” sounds awesome!). So, you are already advised and don’t scare if your speakers start to bleed. – Victor Varas

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