ENSHADOWED Magic Chaos Psychedelia Review

Enshadowed Magic Chaos Psychedelia Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ENSHADOWED “Magic Chaos Psychedelia”

Pulverized Records

Well, after several splits (including names like Mantak, Burial Hordes and Thornspawn), this horde of Greek demons have decided to release another full length album, and this time they stepped into the most aggressive and technical stuff, of their career. What does define the ultra violent and red blood tracks of the band? Well, they create truly sick atmospheres with excellent guitar riffs, and of course, they also make homage to their heritage of demonic music. I really liked the red atmospheres in tracks like “Surrealistic Shade of Color Black”, where the guitar work is amazing and delivers apocalyptic lines. Also, the vocals arrangements are quite professional, and Serpent doesn’t have to demonstrate he has an infernal throat. This is an aspect that gives personality to the band because vocals are musically rooted in early 90’s, and he does a very good job. As I said before, music sounds complex and violent, and it still delivers a stench of underground band, if you know what I mean. It has great sections forged in morbidity, and they also have good ideas into experimentation like in “Inner Psy-Trip”. This is a great black metal album, with high musical skills and a particular perspective of technical metal music. – Victor Varas



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