ULCER Grant Us Death Review

Ulcer Grant us Death Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ULCER “Grant Us Death”

Pulverized Records

Well, it’s true that these Polish zombies created a good death metal album based on the old school coming from Sweden, in the early 90’s. But man!! They added a brutal touch throughout the guitar riffs and they had a quite good result. This death metal album sounds aggressive and putrid, but it also has a technical aspect very remarkable, and that’s a distinct perspective of music for this band. Actually, they are very experienced musicians, since they’ve been part of bands like Deivos, Abusiveness and Squash Bowels. And the roots are big as a Big Dick, because the guitar arrangements are outstanding in tracks like “Blood Painted Salvation”. The band combines fast rhythms with mid pace and aggressive sections. Inclusive they added some twisted melodies like on track “The Pact”, where their taste for old punkish music is underlined. As aforementioned, this album sounds totally immersed on Swedish perspective of death metal, and the band managed a particular touch inside the guitar riffs. Definitely It’s not something that will change the sound of contemporary death metal music, but this is a great album coming from Poland. – Victor Varas



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