EXTIRPATION Reverse of the Reality Review

Extirpation Reverse of the Reality

EXTIRPATION “Reverse of the Reality”

Grom Records

Well, after I heard several times this album, I have different feelings about it. Coming from Italy, these guys based their sound in furious thrash metal with some touches of black metal, yes, the Nordic and misanthropist one. Over all, the voice is an aspect that gives this musical characteristic, and sounds aggressive and blasphemous. The band sounds good, but I don’t know, even though the result is solid and quite professional, I’m not sure if this band has reached a musical maturity, as they included some experiments that honestly sound loose and forced. For example, the track “The Memory” has an experimental middle section that has nothing to do with first two or three tracks of the album (which are excellent). And some guitar arrangements are definitely not into the line. Anyway, they have really good songs, like “Weakness”, which is an excellent avalanche of guitar riffs, violent drum set and infernal voices, or “Dawn of Ignorance”, which is an excellent thrash attack in the vein of old Germanic school. This is not the album of the year, but it brings some interesting aspects. I’ll keep an eye on them. – Victor Varas



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