Into Darkness EP Review

INTO DARKNESS ”Into Darkness” EP

Hellthrasher Productions

What an interesting release coming from Italy! This is an EP consisting in four pieces of doom/death metal, with ultra heavy guitar riffs, slow drum bases and a putrid stench you should cover your nose from some miles away. They are not inventing anything, actually, and what this band transmits is a fucking dead breath miasma, and obscurity is its pure essence. As I said before, the guitar aspect is something to underline, because they know how to create deadly lines in quite simplistic forms. Sometimes this sounds primitive, asphyxiate and brute, but the result is effective and outstanding like the middle section of track “Nemesis: Star of Catastrophe”, which sounds destroyer and apocalyptic. My favorite one is “Levy 9’s Death”, a venomous piece of dead music, forged in stinky guitar riffs, slow parts and brutal darkness (if you know what I mean).  Did I mention this is an all female band? (Except the drummer) Oh yeah! And they are very pretty as well.  : )  – Victor Varas


P. S. The bass player Mattia Tonin (aka Sickened Dweller) has contacted me and corrected me. He is a guy and he has a big cock.

Sorry for the confusion!!



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