EMPIRE’S DARKNESS Poser’s Annihilator Review

Empires Darkness Posers Annihilator

EMPIRE’S DARKNESS “Poser’s Annihilator”

Inframundo Records

Thanx to my old friend Hector Martinez from Into the Frozen Shadows fanzine, I got this CD. Actually, this is a band that has quite good presence in Mexican zines, because Juan Angel (Voice and Guitars) has his own zine called Militia fanzine, so the underground promotion for this name is been huge. This is the raw side of metal music, and if you are around 40 years old, you will know what I’m talking about. E D plays a crude metal very rooted in old thrash metal coming from the 80’s, and they definitely don’t have to demonstrate anything to anybody, because all songs are played by instinct and solid as a rock. If you ask me, this band has found an own personality behind crude and primitive metal. And they did an excellent job, because the message is clear for everybody: playing metal music nowadays is a reinterpretation of most of our musical influences, and you should focus on originality, and fresh stuff. This band is also very rooted in punk music, and the song “Chakal” is a good proof. My favorite one is “Divisions fuck off”, which is a very vertiginous thrash metal attack, and the passion of a trio of head bangers is remarkable on every compass. It’s recommended for those who are looking for good underground bands, coming from México. – Victor Varas



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