DEATH RIDES A HORSE Tree of Woe Review



Infernö Records

Every time I open a new promo from this Label, I’m quite excited because Fab the owner has an exquisite eye for heavy metal bands. And this is not an exception. Coming from Denmark, DRAH truly found its inspiration on old 70’s and 80’s heavy metal, and of course the sound is rooted on NWOBHM. Every song has a particular personality, and if you ask me, I’d say that these musicians are very experienced because of the high octane guitar riffs I’ve heard here. The low tuned production plus epic melodies are an excellent combination, and beyond you can call this “Stoner” music, the spirit of Iommi’s fingers is smelled everywhere. But the aspect I must underline is the outstanding voice of Ida Marcussen. She really did a great work, and shows very melodic lines, distinct from the rest of the composition. I mean, she looks for her own melodic lines and the result is really good because she steps into dark vibes and obscured atmospheres. Others may call this as doom metal, but I think that the band is searching last frontiers of the genre, and soon they’ll find something quite interesting. This is a recommended piece of underground heavy metal, just for those hairy ears like mine. – Victor Varas

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