NECKLESS Paranoi-d Review

Neckless - Paranoi-D at Zombie Ritual Zine

NECKLESS “Paranoi-d”


Talking about new bands with new ideas, excellent productions and experienced musicians, I found this name in the deep underground of Mexico City. It’s a debut album delivered by four motherfuckers full of weeded compositions, rooted on interesting improvisations and groovy rhythms. The influences are so many to list, but I can name rock psychedelic from 70’s, punk rock, thrash metal, death metal and every kind of music that makes you sweat like dog and your girlfriend don’t like. Actually, there are many aspects to underline from this piece of hallucinogen poison. Drummer Fernando Benitez (and I could make an extensive genealogic tree with this name) did one of his most twisted recordings of his musical career, and hits truly mad the skins, creating an ominous wall of sound behind the music. Guitars are very well produced and deliver doses of awesome arrangements. Robert Pérez and Adolfo Sarabia (another musician with a long curriculum) recorded solid guitar riffs and I must say that these guys managed a good taste on rock music, because they let the music flow dynamic and nice melodically speaking. Bass guitar of Fernando Rueda seems to be  the element discrete on this album, but if you are fussy enough, you will notice a sober and matured instrument on the whole album. Somehow, this instrumental creation makes me feel good, and keeps my attention on all twisted minds, without falling in capricious or arrogant virtuosity. This is raw music for lovers of raw music. Just get caught by the track “Dios Roto Ignorado” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. – Victor Varas

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