CENOTAPH “The Gloomy Reflection of our Hidden Sorrows” CD version OUT: March 11th

The Gloomy Reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows at Zombie Ritual Zine

Formed back in 1989, the death metal artillery known as CENOTAPH, a name that stands for “A monument to the dead” released their milestone debut album “The Gloomy reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows” back in 1992, and it was received with great anxiety in the underground metal scene back in the day. This album marked the definitive growing stage for a band that stared clearly influenced by gore and horror both in their music and lyrics, towards a more existential paradigm lyrical influence, whilst still keeping their brutal death metal roots intact, whilst also showing a musical maturity forged through live presentations and intensive rehearsals. The influences present at this time, were raging from CREMATORY (Swe), NIHILIST (Swe), GRAVE as well as IMMOLATION or AUTOPSY but with their own distinctive touch. Recorded at the now defunct “Tequila Studios” by producer Hans Mues, the band decide to go for a low-frequency, bass infested suffocating sound, a trademark heralded by many to be one of the pivotal points for the cult status of this recording. Released in the small independent label   “Horus Music” and later re-edited again by Oz Productions, it is until now that CHAOS RECORDS is finally doing this masterpiece the needed tribute by finally doing the ultimate version, first on noble gatefold double vinyl and now in Compact Disc format. For this edition, the original art was used with permission of artist Ryszard Wojtynski, a new and improved layout done, and the sound has been re-mastered preserving their primordial asphyxiating aura by Rob Granados (DENIAL, OMISION). It includes as bonus the songs from their now out-of-print 7″ e.p.s for a total of 13 chants of lifeless-invocation death metal that rises again from the underworld.

Few albums showcases such suffocating aura of brutal, intense and agonizing death metal that will prevail as the name of the band; a MONUMENT to death!

Available for pre-order on: http://store.chaos-records.com

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