PACTUM Sucubo M.O.D.L. Review

Pactum Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PACTUM “Sucubo M.O.D.L.”

American Line Prods.

This is a piece of history in Mexican death metal. Considered as one of the first extreme metal bands in the center of this country, Pactum is also one of those bands that did a solid basis of fans in underground scene, along with Anarchus, Cenotaph, Tormentor, Ripping Flesh, etc. Actually, I saw them on stage different times but I can’t say that they were my favorites because in those years the sound at the shows was horrible (well… still it is), and if you ask me, I couldn’t distinguish much from the entire chaotic miasma. Anyway, this is a good compilation of all the discography including the Demos and EPs from 1989, and it truly shows the evolution of the band musically speaking. On first CD we find the album “Ficcion, Lujuria y Blasfemia” which I think shows the crudest side of the band, when they’ve already tied a style. Guitars sound extremely putrid, and vocals work is insane and primitive. This is the sound I remember from those years. The album called “F.A.L.” denotes a more professional recording, besides an interesting incursion into modern riffs and vibes. A little bit more “hardcorish” style, if you know what I mean. Of course the guitars sound more complex and detailed than previous works.

On second CD I found the Demo “M.O.D.L. “released in1989, and a couple of EPs released sometime between 1990 and 1992. I really liked this shit because is faster, crudest and poisonous like a fire fart. Both EPs are raw, aggressive and full of darkness, and this truly shows the sound and the atmosphere of an entire generation coming from down of earth like black worms. As aforementioned, this is a good document of Mexican metal history, and I think they’ve returned to stages lately. At least, they won’t be another lost legend, and they have a new chance to get recognized for new generations. As extra info, this compilation has some exclusive pics  from Germán García photographer. – Victor Varas

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