NECROCURSE Grip of the Dead Review

Necrocurse cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

NECROCURSE “Grip of the Dead”

Pulverised Records

Yeah!! How I love these kinds of negative vibes in the music, and the band delivers a massive amount of them since their first works. Coming from Sweden, these guys really devastated the underground scene some years ago, featuring members from Masticator, Nifelheim, Runemagick, etc.  This is the first full length and it will blow your speakers up since the first notes. It’s a death metal entity full of dark lines, caustic guitar riffs and a pair of hairy and heavy balls. All tracks have deadly guitar riffs forged in old and rusted metal, and of course it has a stench of European death metal in the purest and evil side. The aspect I want to underline is the guitar arrangements, which are totally destructive and with good references into dark atmospheres, rottenness and (believe it or not) heavy metal. Just listen to the section of guitar solo at “Ripping Darkness” and you will know what I’m talking about. Also the work of Hellbutcher at voice department is awesome. He screams like a possessed, and he truly sounds like a mad demon. I can’t say that this is something new, but they definitely delivered a great first full length and the roots on poisoned guitar riffs are red, strong and violent like warfare. It’s very recommended if you are into the fastest side of death metal coming from Sweden. – Victor Varas

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