DOOMSDAY Superstition Review

Doomsday Superstition Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DOOMSDAY “Superstition”

Mayko’s Records

Times are coming with new excellent bands playing complex power metal music, melodic progressive elements, etc, and this band seems to be growing the sound with every release, and they have no compromises with anybody. Also, they don’t care about trends or childish pretentions. Doomsday from Leon Guanajuato has been including neoclassic elements since a long long time ago, and its creator Omar Jacobo (guitars) knows how to add progressive elements with good taste and surgical criterion. This is another great album delivered, and is conceptually based on the darkest side of human being, just like a bad joke coming from twisted human behavior, and its capricious superstitions. As aforementioned, this album has a heavy charge of neoclassic elements and melodic lines, which are tied by the excellent vocals of Patricio Medina. This particular style coming from his throat has reached a good place into high pitched vocals, but Patricio knows to dose the levels, and he sings into a cool mid range. The result sounds quite good and gives personality to all songs. Doomsday is a band that sounds solid and very well tied on stage as well as in recordings. Let’s say that they’ve found an eclectic and balanced style through the years, and in spite of they are still unsigned, it seems that nothing is going to stop them. I don’t know if Patricio is still part of the band (last time I saw them live there was a girl with an incredible voice called Dafne) but this is a highly recommended album coming from Mexican underground, and you can’t miss it!! – Victor Varas

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