DECAYED Unholy Demon Seed Review

Decayed Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DECAYEDUnholy Demon Seed

Iron Blood and Death Corp.

I don’t know if there is someone with the idleness and enough time to enumerate all the EP’s, Splits, Full Length Albums, etc. coming from these Portuguese demons. Actually, soon the band will reach the extensive discography as Nunslaughter or Sabbat, which surely is a headache for die – hard collectors. Anyway, Decayed is a band that had clear in mind what they wanted since the beginning, and with the years, they have built a solid status in the European black metal scene. I have in my hands a cool compilation including tracks from almost every album and if you are familiar with the horde, you will know that on every time Jose Alfonso (aka J.A.) has managed the sound of the band through black mysticism, ominous occultism and hermetical darkness. I liked the selection of this material because this shows remote ages when the band consolidated a great style based in pure Armageddon, aggression, poisoned drums and sharp guitar riffs. Just like on the album “The Conjuration of the Southern Circle” which is one of the best production as well as it shows a quite matured band with roots on darkness and bad blood. This compilation really worth every cent, and if you don’t know yet material from Decayed, this is a good opportunity to get into the coven. – Victor Varas

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