WANDERSWORD Waiting For War Review

Wandersword at Zombie Ritual Zine


Blasphemour Records

This is another great folk metal album coming from Russia. These guys have strong roots on traditional music of their mother country, and the work is quite professional. The genre has been oversaturated these last years, and you can see how many bands dare to dilute the essence of this music. I liked this band because they don’t need to mix complex guitar riffs or twisted elements to achieve a good song. All is tied with rhythmical lines based on Viking melodies and death metal, and they put consistent guitar riffs which I must say, they have excellent arrangements at post production. Behind the aggressive vocals that give a particular personality to the band, there is another aspect to underline: keyboards. This instrument gives a solid wall of music arrangements, and definitely is a distinct characteristic in the band’s sound. My favorite track is track “Russia”, it’s a great hymn forged in blood and Epic moments, and denotes clear influences from early Finntroll. All in all it’s a enjoyable album full of epic melodies and great arrangements. – Victor Varas



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