FLAGELLANT Maledictum Review

Flagellant reviewed at Zombie Ritual ZIne

FLAGELLANT “Maledictum”

World Terror Committee

Well, this is another Swedish black metal machine that made me head bang my head like a fucking possessed. These mother fuckers released an excellent piece of putrid black metal full of holocaustic guitar riffs, furious blast beats and agony vocals. They have a notorious influence from early Marduk, and you can feel your heart freezing by listening tracks like “Towers of Silence”. This is Swedish black metal in it pure essence and they know it, and also they are trying to hit your emotions with cold lines. The band sounds solid and with interesting guitar arrangements, and they keep this funeral touch on every single note. As I said before, they are very influenced by the traditional black metal from that country and before you say that you have had enough from this, I have to say that this is a band that truly sounds strong and consistent. My favorite track is “Necromantic Revelations”, which sounds like an horde of demons hunting on the dark woods. I won’t say that it’s original, but if I open another can of beer, it could be another of my discoveries from this Year. Yeah! It’s a very professional black metal band coming from the cradle of tons of prototypes of extreme metal nowadays. Possible buyers: remember Mörk Gryining. – Victor Varas



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