STEEL SENTINEL Feel the Power of Metal Review

Steel Sentinel Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

STEEL SENTINEL “Feel the Power of Metal” EP

Sade Records

Well, as the title says, this debut mini album is done for all of you who can feel the power of heavy metal. Coming from one of the best places to spend your vacations in México: Cancun, these young guys released this piece of solid heavy metal, and I must say that they have musical influences from different sources, and they mix 80’s American heavy metal sounds with charismatic guitar lines ala NWOBHM. The result is very effective and I liked very much because they make good songs full of melodies, solid heavy metal riffs and excellent structures. Also, all choruses are sticky and well performed, so you can expect a live show full of energy and sweat. There are two or three aspects they have to fix, like the musical skills of the drummer, and some particular points on vocals which sometimes sound out of tune, but the band sounds pretty decent and has a big personality. Also, they can’t hide the huge influence from Voltax, which is another excellent heavy metal band coming from México, but Steel Sentinel must find an own sound and develop a particular style. Anyway, I think they are working on that right now. As I said before, this is a great debut release from Mexican underground scene and I’m sure I’ll read this name on bigger festivals in the future. It’s a matter of time. – Victor Varas

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