DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV Review

Daemonum Zine 14 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV

Yes, I know, it’s been a long time since I reviewed the last fanzine on this Blog. But, believe me, I’ve been reading a lot of good new fanzines these days and I just can’t choose which one is going to be reviewed. Of course, this one is not a new fanzine. They’ve been active for a long time and definitely they know about this business of metal music. I’ll review this Issue because they have increased the level of contents and seems that Editors are totally drowned on underground scene. This time they had interesting chats with AGONY LORDS (México), INDESINENCE (UK), CONVULSE (Finland), NOMINON (Sweden), TURBOCHARGED (Sweden), CULTURA TRES (Venezuela), ASTORVOLTAIRES (Chile), PADRE NUESTRO (México) and FLAGRUM TAXILLATUM (México). On this issue they also included good Gig reports of MARYLAND Death Fest and BARGE TO HELL 2012 (by Remi Cote from PRC Music). At the last page comes an interesting article about the way of metal music for woman. Album reviews are objectives and extensive. Also, they complement this editorial work with a Blog on the web. I’m very satisfied with this Mexican fanzine. It’s written in Spanish. – Zineaholic.

Contact: http://www.daemonumzine.info

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