SPLICE Mythological Deviance Review

Splice Mythological Device Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SPLICE “Mythological Deviance”

Self Released

Well, what do we have here? This is one of those death metal albums you can smell the putrid stench from a mile and its fresh flesh for zombies. Coming from France, these guys changed the name Syphilis after releasing a Full Length Album, and now this is the new material. I don’t know why they still are unsigned because the level of composition is high and they have quite matured ideas. 11 tracks of aggressive death metal full of high octane guitar riffs, and the stench of old times is what I found everywhere. None of the tracks sounds weak and definitely they know what they are doing because all sounds dynamic, fresh and deadly. They added the melodic aspect from a particular point of view, and actually they decided to follow the Swedish influence without falling in modern trends. Instead, they added an ominous touch among the melody lines and this fits perfect with the violent guitar riffs. Also, I liked a lot the theme of mythological references, making place to excellent titles like “The Infernal Kali” or “The Soul of Ayer’s Rock”. It seems like this last one song is the best, musically speaking, as they show their skills in the whole composition. It sounds technical, solid and matured. A pleasure to hear this high octane First album on French underground metal scene!! – Victor Varas


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