FULL THROTTLE Roads of Life EP Review

Full Throttle review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FULL THROTTLE “Roads of Life” EP

Self Released

I was very surprised when I listened to this three songs promo. Coming from Kaluga, Russia these young musicians created a very nice EP rooted in the most melodic and traditional heavy metal and they’ve just made my day because with only three songs they deliver a huge sound with solid sound and excellent lines. I can’t say much about them since I didn’t find information on the web, but this vocalist girl did an extremely well done work and her voice color sounds beautiful and absolutely powerful. No high pitch, only powerful middle range. If you add that she sings in Russian, the result is simply as great. My favorite one is “Night fraternity”, a song which seems to be composed for biker’s community, and the combination of double guitar lines ala Iron Maiden, consistent vocals and strong attitude is excellent. What else can you ask for from a heavy metal band? Thanx to GlobMetal Promotions.– Victor Varas

No contact found. More info: dracula4ever(at)gmail.com

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