THE DEVILZWORK Floodlights Review

The Devilzwork review at Zombie Ritual Zine

THE DEVILZWORK “Floodlights”

Self Released

This promo CD has traveled half of the Globe to get into my hands, and I really would like to have more musical background to describe it and review it properly. It’s not other thing than an experimental doom music based on Industrial elements, and before you start sending some maledictions over me and my Zombie blog, I have to say that this music is quite well produced and it has some great arrangements. It seems like these Australian guys are quite rooted in Trent Reznor’s labyrinth productions, along with Ministry’s old stuff. But don’t misunderstand me, this will not make you stand up and dance like an ape. Also, before you take this CD and use it like a Frisbee, you should listen to the dark atmospheres rooted in hard corish influences and aggression. This music has solid structures, rabid vocals and aggressive guitar riffs, extremely low tuned. Somehow you will be taken into a noise trip and your ears get smashed when listening to the heaviness and rottenness of songs like “Machine says no” or the ultra doomer song “The Pit“. This is the kind of music that transmits emotional rage and bizarre vibes. As aforementioned, I wish I could review it properly because it has truly experimental origins and the result is a feast of noise and anger. – Victor Varas

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