SURVIVAL Promo 2011 Review

Survival Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SURVIVAL “Promo 2011”

Self Released

Shit! This fucking promo was stuck in the back of a cabinet for almost 2 years. It happens that I cleaned my room and this piece of brilliant speed metal appeared like nothing. Even I can’t remember how I got it. Anyway, this is a promo forged in the purest speed metal and I’m very impressed because you can feel the iron running through your veins since the first song. It seems like this guys have influences from different sources coming mainly from 80’s, and they are doing a quite good work. I liked this promo because everything sounds clear, honest and with no false pretentions. Also, they have a nice influence from Kim Bendix and his huge legacy in heavy metal music as I find a cool song called “Runnin’ wild Pussy” which is a real tribute to King Diamond. I think I’ve seen this band in some underground festivals lately, and I can’t wait for a debut album. They have the talent and I’m sure soon they’ll deliver something Big. Btw, this promo has two live version songs as extra material, and seems like they know how to destroy (literally speaking) the stage. – Victor Varas

Contact: xolo_noise(at)

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