CONTROSIGILLO Controsigillo Review

Controsigillo review at Zombie Ritual Zine

CONTROSIGILLO “Controsigillo”

Self Released

Really, I don’t know what to think about this cover art. Every time I see a fucking rose in a cover art of a metal band album, I have a stomach ache. Anyway, this Italian band has been active since 1999 and this is their debut album. They play a very decent form of thrash/death metal with strong touches of progressive stuff and melodic lines. If you ask me, they sound very professional and also the album has interesting arrangements at guitars department. Also, they have huge influences from different sources and this denotes the eclecticism in composition. I liked the aggressive/ambient stuff, like “Arabian Chaos” (which is one of the oldest songs), but I don’t like this “modern” touch delivered in almost every song. Also, they take interesting risks like on tempo changes in “Chernobyl”, and the result is good and effective. As aforementioned, the band sounds good, but I had to stop for a moment the CD player, before it turned bored. I hope they’ll define the style soon, because they definitely have talent and resources. Yeah, and I hope they find a cover artist. – Victor Varas

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