DE UMBRIS Fanzine Issue 1 Review

De Umbris Fanzine review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DE UMBRIS Fanzine Issue 1 (Greece)

Thanx to the old metal warrior “Chinguiñas” I got a copy of this black document coming from Athens, Greece. This is an extension of the Record Label with the same name and also it truly is a manifestation of occultism, darkness and underground essence. This issue features interviews with: Astra Autisma, Infernal Funeral, Aka Manah, Armed Death, Deus Ignotus, Winter Solace Productions, Primeval Mass, and Southern Extremity. Also, the editor presents interesting texts about occultism, a particular point of view about black metal festivals, a very interesting article about horror movies from the 80’s, and the Satanic Artwork of Milovan (Montenegro) and FatamorganArt (Malasya). Actually, every page has satanic drawings and seems that this editor takes care of every detail. This fanzine has the stench of old school with no trends or false pretensions. Till’ now, the editor is working on Issue 3, so you can contact for a copy. Please don’t say you read this on the web, or I may be cursed by an ancestral witchcraft. Btw, it also includes a compilation CD-R.- Zineaholic


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