SULPHUREA Tastes of Boundary Review

Sulphurea Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SULPHUREA “Tastes of Boundary” (Live demo)

Self Released

If I don’t mistake, a guy from the band Violet Magick (Mexico) gave me this demo. Coming from Italy, these guys recorded what seems to be a live show and released as a piece of darkness. They are huge fans of doom rock music from the 70’s and 80’s, because they recorded many cover versions of Black Sabbath, Death SS and Paul Chain. And they did a quite good work (except for the vocals) but I’d rather prefer listen more original stuff. Anyway, the original songs are quite good and sound heavy as hell. They based all structures in experimentation and solid guitar riffs; I like this underground “stoned” atmosphere on track “Mystic Dragon Lady”, which also has some touches of flute here and there. My favorite is “The Night of the Blind Resurrected”, it’s fast, solid and has a great chorus. As aforementioned, this is a good example of an underground band forged in obscured Doom rock and good musical tastes. I hope to see this name on bigger festivals soon. – Victor Varas


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