FUNEREAL MOON Rape of Holiness Review

Funereal Moon review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FUNEREAL MOON “Rape of Holiness”

Iron Blood and Death Corp./Embrace my Funeral Recs

Saying that this band plays one of the most aggressive, chaotic, intestinal and cathartic metal expressions, it would be a very short description for the sonic hecatomb I found here. Actually, all tracks are forged in thick atmospheres, satanic essence and what seem to be gloomy improvisations. This album truly takes you into a trip of dark perceptions, occultism and chaos. The band is been active since 1994 and since then they have released many productions in various formats. This is not for everybody; the material makes the listener grow dark feelings, hate and depression. Honestly, I can’t say much about melodies or music structures because all the compositions sound is like thousand drunken demons, and the guitar distortion is like the most evil fart from your mother. Anyway, the album delivers suggestive atmospheres and depressive lines forged in black fires, and there is already a Legion of followers out there. Be aware with this piece of evilness, and burn your ears before listening. – Victor Varas

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