PATHOGEN Blasphemous Communion Review

Pathogen Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

PATHOGEN “Blasphemous Communion”

Dead Center Prod.

Well, for those who have been close to the underground shit, you should already know about the fucking polemic of this album, since it was also released by Old Cemetery Records and both labels and the band were in a serious fight. Well, I really don’t care about that, and I must say that it was in 2009 or something and … who cares anyway. The important here is the music. This is a very violent death metal almost reaching a bestial level. All compositions are quite influenced by first era of Slayer and traces of American Death metal coming from early 90’s. Actually, they also made some slow and heavy stuff like the excellent track called “Bloody Orgy” which sounds like the march of thousand demons invading your speakers. This guy Willie Desamero has a very particular point of view about ominous rhythm sections, and he also dare to add some chaotic lines that give a solid aggressive message at the result. All is tied by professionalism; consistent guitar riffs and a stench of old thrash metal. If you ask for apocalyptic guitar riffs coming from Philippines, this is a good option, really. – Victor Varas

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