THE VEIN will release Double EP via Shadow Kingdom Records

The Vein at Zombie Ritual Zine

Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to introduce THE VEIN to the Death/Black/Doom Metal community in the form of debut album Scouring the Wreckage of Time.

In between creating epic doom metal albums, the two ALTAR OF OBLIVION members involved gave birth to this devil child. THE VEIN is a Death/Doom Metal twist to what ALTAR OF OBLIVION has done on albums like last year’s Grand Gesture of Defiance; their approach is very Epic in nature, but THE VEIN offers something much darker and heavier. Musically, the style is a classic one; recalling the late 80s early 90’s Death and Black Metal. THE VEIN starts off with a very unique release, a double EP! Shadow Kingdom Records have been waiting to put out the right kind of Death/Black Metal album for a long time now and Scouring the Wreckage of Time unequivocally fits that bill.

Scouring the Wreckage of Time will be out worldwide this summer and is now available for early order now at

Press info via:

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle

ClawHammer PR

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