BURIALKULT A Call from beyond the Grave Review

Burial Kult ad at Zombie Ritual Zine

BURIALKULT “A Call from beyond the Grave”

Blood Harvest

Aaaaargh!! What a piece of rotten and sharp-edged black metal I got here! I can’t remember when was the last time I heard about a new horde of barbaric bastards coming from the north of the continent, and delivering what truly is the most corrosive and dirty side of the genre. These bastards delivered a debut album full of deadly compositions forged in primitive guitar riffs, and chaotic lines. The result is totally immersed in blood and demonic miasma. Actually, the Low-Fi production fit excellent the music and gives a taste of fetid blood in the mouth. This band combines aggressive guitar riffs into mid pace songs, as well as slow pieces of ominous melodies. On tracks like “Eternal Satan”, also denotes the influence of rotten punk rhythms and sounds quite effective. Also, I liked the track called “Filth” which reminds me the old Samael with solid guitar riffs into slow rhythms, like a deadly march of dark entities. Purulent feelings at the vocals work gives a particular touch and I must say that the band knows what they want and the ground they are standing on. As every title delivered under this label, this is another name you must pay attention next time you look for new cults in the underground scene. – Victor Varas



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