SPEED STROKE Speed Stroke Review

Speed Stroke review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SPEED STROKE “Speed Stroke”

Bull2Kill Records

Well, I didn’t expected listening a hard rock band today at midnight, and do you know what? They’ve got me with this excellent rock n roll clearly influenced by bands coming from Los Angeles in the mid 80’s. Actually, the album has great songs with consistent guitar riffs, classic structures and sticky choruses. Also, Jack (vocals) did a great work with high pitched style and the rock star attitude (in good sense), so if you left apart the modern production, you could confuse and say that the band recorded the album in the 80’s. Another important aspect is the guitar solos which denote highly skilled fingers from D.B. and his huge creativity.  If you are worshiper of the aforementioned genre (which apparently is a new trend these days) tracks like “Flesh & Nerve” and “One day is enough” will make you bang your head, and you will open a can of beer instinctively. All in all, this is a great debut album coming from Italy and it worth every cent. Just buy it, and open another can. – Victor Varas



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