DARKEND Grand Guignol Book 1 Review

Darkend review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DARKEND “Grand Guignol Book 1”

Self Released

It’s incredible to believe where this subgenre is standing these days. Now you can name many bands doing interesting things labeled as Symphonic Black Metal emerging around the globe. If you ask me, there are many aspects to underline on the third album of the band. And I want to begin with the aspect of “self released album”. Seems like these Italian band have not been lucky with big labels, and they just decided to release this piece of obscured metal, by themselves. A great decision, I must say. All tracks have great compositions and heavy different sections. The result sounds quite professional and dynamic, and there it is the main answer for all your doubts. If you are familiar to last works of Dimmu B, Emperor, you will digest this album immediately. More to say if you like what Danny Filth and Cia. has been doing lately. Anyway, the band has personality and they really attached a very interesting theme of occultism, ancient philosophy and real history. The work is very particular and has touches of complexity and virtuosity on all instruments. I can’t say that this is my favorite subgenre of metal music, but I have to say that I found this album quite interesting and effective. It’s recommended to those followers of the aforementioned bands, and if you are looking for good underground metal bands doing very professional work. – Victor Varas


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