PATH TO IXTAB Black Sky Review

Black Sky review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Self Released

I had to listen to this album several times in order to get into the music and structures. Forget about complexity and weird experiments through irregular guitar riffs, or keyboards atmospheres. This is black metal straight to the point and rooted on deadly guitar riffs. Seems that these guys know exactly how to transmit bizarre stuff and ominous messages through music, and it truly sounds raw, direct and almost primitive. I know that some of you hate basic rhythms and flat compositions, but this band stands in a quite effective result. Maybe you have to make a connection with these rotten vibes and feel the dark blood running into your veins. Anyway, the production sounds really crude and my only complaint here is the total absence of bass guitar. Of course there are many aspects to increase, but this is a good debut album forged in visceral guitar riffs and pure dark feelings. As aforementioned, there is no complexity and there are not synthetic sounds here. It’s just pure rawness and ominous performance. – Victor Varas

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