Dark Country review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DARK COUNTRY “Dark Country”

Self Released

What a piece of solid rock I found here!!! Truly this is one of my discoveries of the year, and it’s a fucking pleasure to review independent albums with this quality. The band is young, but these guys seem to have huge experience as they created quite effective songs and the performance is very professional. If you ask me, I hear influences from different sources like heavy metal, stoner rock and punk music, and I must say that they know how to manage these different sounds to make clean and fresh songs. Also, the vocalist Jake McLoud knows how to create rabid lines without falling in childish mistakes. All sounds forged in pure stoned rock music and excellent punk melodies in the right moment. Also, there is a particular breath a la Black Sabbath everywhere, and obviously they seem to be huge fans of that band. My favorite song is “Dark Path” which delivers some of the most provocative and dirty lines of the album. As aforementioned, it’s my pleasure to know that there are solid bands out there like this one, and sooner or later will be on big stages. – Victor Varas


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