MISERIA VISAGE Vanish into Dark Album Review

Miseria Visage review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MISERIA VISAGE “Vanish into Dark”

Three Rooks Records

This is another interesting one man band playing a very melodic version of black metal music. If you pay attention, the solitary musician has good ideas and he develops guitar riffs into neoclassic structures, so, the result is near of what is called power metal, but the growls and ominous lyrics denotes dark feelings. Unfortunately, this is not something I will listen everyday and I had to play next track before it turns bored. I will not say that Theta is a bad musician, and what is more, I think he delivers some mature elements forged in the most metallic aura. I think he should join with more organic musicians (drums sounds like shit!!) and get a music producer in order to organize and polish all the music ideas. Also, I have to say that he did an excellent work with keyboards, and all orchestral arrangements sound quite professional and with good taste. All this work has good musical references, and I hope to see again this name soon with another album. England always gives good music and something to talk about. – Victor Varas



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