NECROCCULTUS Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death Review

Necroccultus cover at Zombie Ritual ZIne

NECROCCULTUS “Solemnelohim, Bringer of Death” 12” MLP

Blood Harvest

Yeah! Now we are talking! This is the last release from the dark entity commanded by Isaias Huerta, who is a known old metal warrior in the Mexican scene. After an EP and a couple of Splits, this necrotic band returns with its aggressive and totally rotten death metal, once more to wake up every corpse from the tombs. This time we have only four tracks forged in the most putrid and stinky side of the genre, and I have to say that the sound has reached a highest level of maturity, delivering great atmospheres, solid guitar riffs and a particular perspective of obscured death metal. If you ask me, the best song is “The Ethereal Living Dead Supremacy” which has tons of infernal lines and dark growls. Actually, the vocals work is very good, and seems like Isaias has black blood inside veins, has been listening to old acts all his life. The whole sound has many influences from different sources, mainly Swedish acts from early 90’s, but I think the band knows where they are standing, and they’ve already defined the deadly road they go. Not to mention that all the musicians from this line up have excellent curriculums. This is a recommended release only for true lovers of bestial death metal full of worms, obscured miasmas and deadly feelings. – Victor Varas

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