NORTHERN PLAGUE Blizzard of the North Review

Northern Plague review at Zombie Ritual Zine

NORTHERN PLAGUE “Blizzard of the North”

Self Released

Everybody knows that Poland has one of the strongest extreme metal scenes of Europe, and talking about new bands coming, the quality of production is excellent. Honestly, I can’t say this is a band playing a very original stuff, since all these four tracks sound melodic, aggressive and very similar among them.  But, I have to accept that the guitar arrangements, the solid atmospheres and the apocalyptic devastation coming from the drums department, are distinctive aspects to underline and to convince everyone. Also, they have this technical touch on every note, and this fits perfect with the modern sound. As aforementioned, this band sounds aggressive, and with mature ideas, but I think they just have to polish the own personality, and then we will see an excellent death/black metal band. It’s just a matter of time I think. – Victor Varas

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