FESTERING Exhumed EP Review

Festering review at Zombie Ritual Zine


War Productions

What a piece of putrid and aggressive death metal!! The band was formed in early 90’s and after a short period and a demo they separated before they joined bands like Guilhotina,  Extreme Untion, etc. I’m not sure about this data, but anyway this is the return and it’s completely a jewel rescued from the dark sounds and European rotten style in the early 90’s. We are not talking about new people; we are talking about people who know how to corrupt your ears through high octane guitar riffs and deadly lines. These motherfuckers lived the period of time, and they know that they must be careful with the new trends of today, so, the music is rooted in powerful death metal, and every detail sounds characteristic. Also, Pedro Gonçalves’ growls sound extremely bestial, and fit perfect with the whole feast of gore and death. My only complaint is that they only included two tracks and an intro. I hope to hear more material from this Portuguese band soon. Yeah, this is a 7” vinyl release. – Victor Varas



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