RUINTHRONE Urban Ubris Album Review

Ruinthrone review at Zombie RItual Zine

RUINTHRONE “Urban Ubris”

Buil2Kill Records

This is another young Italian band playing quite professional metal music. I can’t say that this mix of power metal, progressive metal and modern thrash metal really moved my ass, but I accept this is a very good production, and these guys have high musical skills. As aforementioned, they added some sprinkles of modernity to the sound and they found a point where keyboards leave a good taste on very emblematic atmospheres, if you know what I mean. The band sounds melodic and fresh, and that’s good because seems like they worked hard to build this piece of progressive metal. Also, vocalist Edoardo Gregni has a particular style which sounds aggressive and melodic at the same, and seems to know how to be a powerful performance without using childish exaggerations. My favorite is “Throne of your Ruin” which joins all the progressive elements with good taste and excellent arrangements. As aforementioned, I can’t say they are bad musicians and they really have reached good maturity musically speaking. It’s a debut album recommended for those collectors of fresh and melodic progressive metal music. Not for me.– Victor Varas

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