JUST BEFORE DAWN Precis Innan Gryningen Album review

Just before dawn review at Zombie Ritual Zine

JUST BEFORE DAWN “Precis Innan Gryningen”

Chaos Records

If names like Blood Mortized, Paganizer, Puteraeon, Revel in Flesh, or Zombiefication sound familiar, you already know what to expect from this piece of morbid and obscured death metal. Yep, this is another album full of deadly guitar riffs and dark atmospheres forged in the most traditional and respectable side of the genre. Think about Swedish sound in the early 90’s and add some aggressive performance of different vocalists from the bands above mentioned. You know this rancid stench of deadly lines and the ominous structures through apocalyptic guitars. Yes, this is death metal full of massive destruction, and every track gives a distinct perspective because of different throats. My favorite one is “As Death Breaks the surface” which delivers poisonous atmospheres through slow riffs and simple structures. Anders Biazzi from Blood Mortized is the main composer of this piece of deadly metal, and he managed the whole production. Honestly, I can’t say this is something I haven’t heard before, but everything is on its place and I really enjoyed all this shit. It’s recommended for those old followers of the genre and those interested in new dark entities coming from Scandinavia area. – Victor Varas



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