TORMENTED Death Awaits Review

Tormented review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Tormented “Death Awaits”

Listenable Records

Well, this is the kind of Swedish death metal that really calls my attention because of the stench of putrid guitar riffs and solid structures forged in the purest side of the genre. Seems like this week we have many releases from Sweden and Yes, this is another excellent death metal band delivering a rancid stench inside ominous guitar riffs. I really liked the way they built solid lines and a great bad ass attitude behind the microphone. They also have some approaches to slayerean thrash metal, like in “Death Awaits” and “Funeral Fire”, as well as some other interesting heavy songs like “To spill her blood”, with is one of the most balanced to “modern” sounds and simplistic riffs. All in all, the band really sounds aggressive and rooted in deadly shit. It’s recommended to people experienced in death metal sounds coming from middle 90’s in Scandinavian area. As extra info, the guy behind all composition is not other than Andreas Axelsson, a mother fucker who used to handle the axe in Edge of Sanity. – Victor Varas

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