ASSAULTER Crushed by Raging Mosh Review

Assaulter at Zombie Ritual Zine

ASSAULTER ”Crushed by Raging Mosh”

EBM Records

Hell yeah! We have here another excellent thrash metal band coming from Italy. These guys have a breath of American old school sound, and they really know how to create fast guitar riffs and twisted structures, a good mixture of musical skills and mature ideas. Actually, all tracks are forged in the most insane and destructive thrash metal influenced by old bands like Slayer, Death Angel, Whiplash, Exodus, etc. I know most of you will say that this is not the most original style nowadays, and I am totally agreed. But, in the name of Satan, I’ll say that these guys created very decent stuff and everything is on its place. My favorite track is “Thrash Assault” which is a piece of nuclear devastation, and it truly has very fast guitar riffs like demon’s fart. If you ask me, they have to make clear that will not follow childish trends, and they must create the next album with solid attitude and professionalism. As aforementioned, they have the metal spirit and high octane musical skills. It’s just a matter of time. – Victor Varas

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