LADY BEAST review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Infernö Records

I think that the particular characteristic of this band is the melodic touch done by the voice of Deborah Levine. She has a great range of good tones, and she also knows how to use the throat with a good sense of melody. If you ask me, she has to increase the aggression’s knob so she would performance with stronger attitude and power. The band sounds excellent, heavy and very well produced. I really liked the work of guitars, which have tons of good riffs in the vein of the most emblematic, solid and traditional heavy metal coming from Europe in the 80’s. Tracks like “The lost boys” will punch you in the face with high octane guitar riffs, and maybe they sound quite simplistic and melodic, but everything is tied and effective. This is a great production forged in metal heart and steel force. As extra info, this album contains a cover version of “Ram it Down” original from Judas Priest. – Victor Varas

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