BUKOWSKI FAMILY Initiation EP Review

Bukowsky Family review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Self Released

Coming from Hungary, this gore family developed one of the most interesting concepts into a death metal band. They mixed the concept of a murder family, as Massacre in Texas, and the name Bukowski, which really have a heavy weight into rotten literature. The result is twisted as hell, and this fits perfectly with the music because they move into territory of aggressive death metal and complex structures. If you ask me, they have some approaches to brutal death metal here and there, and the most particular aspect is the vocalist work because injects personality to the band. I must say that this is my first meeting with extreme metal bands coming from Hungary and it sounds quite mature in composition. Maybe the band must define a little more the chaotic atmosphere, which is a mistake that every new technical death metal band falls in, but they have good musical skills and this album is not bad at all. Seems like they’ve released many EP’s since 2010 and the full length album is coming soon. – Victor Varas


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