Colors to shame review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Colours to Shame “Vilos”

Self Released

Shit! This is another progressive metal band formed by young dudes and they released what seems to be a very twisted perspective of extreme metal. As they state “The sound of Ronald McDonald hardcore dancing through a Jazz Band”, these folks from Glasgow created an excellent piece of progressive death metal full of tempo changes, sections, crude guitar riffs and jazz elements. I must say that in my first listening they didn’t call my attention although this sounds extremely blended and guitar arrangements are quite professional. Actually, all tracks denote a high level of musical skills, and remind me old stuff from the Swedish Mattias “IA” Eklundh. Just listen to the first section of track “Chocomeegah”, and you will be touched by a large sequence of fast tempo changes, short guitar riffs, funny “stop and go”, and all these characteristic complexity I really hate if I listen more than two minutes. Anyway, the band sounds solid and quite professional; besides, they proudly produced me a mortal headache after listening for third time. – Victor Varas

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