TORMENT The Damage is Done Review

Torment review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TORMENT “The Damage is Done”

EBM Records

Seems like this label has a very good eye on thrash metal music, and is picking excellent bands, as every release has high quality. This time, is the turn of Italians Torment, and before you enumerate the million of underground bands sharing the same name, I must say that this Italian version is a band with a very particular sound. They rooted almost all the sound and guitar riffs in 80’s old extreme bands, and this is not a surprise because according to the Bio, they used to play cover versions of Slayer, Possessed, etc at the beginnings. Anyhow they developed an own sound and the music stands solid, basic and totally fueled by metallic blood, If you know what I mean. The rhythm guitar did an excellent work and denotes quite experienced musicians, like in track “The Cage”, which has very interesting guitar arrangements throughout all the sections. No doubt this band has hours of musical direction, and the result is effective and professional. Maybe, they have to fix some points her and there, but is not anything to worry about. Also, they don’t mistake and they did a clean production, just enough to show the organic side of instruments. This production has not room for unusual synthetic sounds. All in all, Torment did an excellent work on this album and I hope to get more news from them soon. Respect for thrash metal bands looking for personality and those who get away from trends! – Victor Varas

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