XPULSION Hunted Demo Review

Xpulsion review at Zombie Ritual Zine

XPULSION “Hunted” Demo

Self Released

Aaaaaargh!! Now we are talking. These mother fuckers don’t need a polished production to demonstrate what old school sound must be. Coming from California, seems like they are seriously into 80’s extreme metal, as also they take care of those details we loved in classic stuff, like the satanic echo effect in vocals, organic drum sound and the real stench of putrefaction running inside the corpse. On this demo the band only presents two tracks forged in the most insane, crude and bestial sound of the genre. This is thrash metal for alopecic metal warriors, if you know what I mean. Both tracks are my favorites, and “Hunted” called my attention because of some rotten guitar riffs which approaches in a healthy communion with death metal. Anyhow, they developed solid guitar riffs and excellent lines in simple structures, the result is quite simple and effective and this is what everybody is looking for, isn’t it? I’ll keep an eye on the band for debut album. – Victor Varas


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