Adrenicide Kill review at Zombie Ritual Zine


EBM Records

I’m pretty impressed because according to the Bio, this young band released one album per year since 2002 and now they have many, I mean, many albums on their back. This is my first encounter with the band anyway, and I liked some aspects, but I also hate some other things. I will not say this is a bad album, actually it sounds pretty raw and dirty, and vocalist/guitarist Nuno Evaristo has a really killer attitude. This over saturated genre must sound characteristic and everybody knows that in the glorious times of crossover metal, there were some particular flavors in the music. The band reproduces exactly the same vibes, and I think they are losing some personality trying to be a thrash/crossover band to the bone. But I can’t say that the band is wrong, as they play aggressive thrash metal although all songs almost sound similar between each other, if you know what I mean. Anyway, as aforementioned, this is not a bad record and it truly transmits good old stuff in aggressive guitar riffs, killer drum attack and rabid vociferations. It’s recommended for collectors of the new wave of thrash metal and for those who follow the genre since many years ago. – Victor Varas

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