SEPTEM Album Review

Septem review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SEPTEM “Septem”

Nadir Music

Coming from the Italian underground scene, these guys released an excellent debut album and they are looking for a place in the race of heavy metal. I really liked the way they composed solid guitar riffs and good melodies, everything tied in heavy metal vibes and steel running in the veins. Seems like they have high musical skills because all songs sound mature and they don’t fall in childish mistakes. Absolutely not, and what is more, they have great musical arrangements in all instruments. Vocalist Daniele Armanini sounds powerful and he knows where to put in the right moment high pitched. As aforementioned, music sounds melodic and and also has a modern touch with cool harmonies and strong rhythm guitars. My only complaint is for those sections where they mix clean vocals with guttural vocals. This is something that not always works good and the band should re consider this detail. Well, who gives a shit my opinion anyway? It’s a great debut album forged in metal heart and solid rock. Oh yeah! And they should look for a good cover artist, no offense.  – Victor Varas

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