FJORSVARTNIR Legions of the North Review

Fjorsvartnir review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FJORSVARTNIR “Legions of the North”

Grom Records

Well, this is an interesting one man band coming from Denmark. I say interesting because all compositions sound quite professional and seems like this guy has huge experience in Nordic metal music and the album denotes a huge knowledge of the genre. Mr. Fjorgynn did an excellent second album for this black entity, forged in furious black metal, aggressive guitar riffs and ominous atmospheres. Actually, this is a mark for the band: obscured atmospheres done by cold melodies, deadly harmonies and sprinkles of keyboards here and there. All is tied by this Nordic touch which is natural, and sounds metallic to the bones. My favorite track is “Levende Begravet” which is an explosive piece of black metal, forged in the most corrosive side of the genre. This is a 10 mins masterpiece, divided in different sections that will crush your skull into pieces. As extra info, C.A. live guitarist is the Mexican warrior who also plays in Corpus Mortale. – Victor Varas

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