VERATRUM Sentieri Dimenticati Review

Veratrum review at Zombie Ritual Zine

VERATRUM “Sentieri Dimenticati”

Buil2Kill Records

I had to listen to this album a couple of times more, just to get into the interesting structure and asymmetrical melodies contained. This young band produced an excellent debut album forged in the most melodic and aggressive side of the genre. And also I have to say that music sounds extremely technical and with good taste on instrumental arrangements. Some tracks have a heavy influence of aggressive death metal from 90’s, and reproduce this typical obscured atmosphere, mixed with epic melodies, and in a modern production. Some other tracks are totally immersed in modernity, almost sound brutal death metal, and all influenced by progressive sounds. I liked the work of vocalist Haiwas, because he knows how to use his throat in deep growls and in aggressive mode. All in all, this is a great sonic trip into spirituality, mythology and excellent sections rooted in stinky death metal, although I can’t read any lyrics because they come in Italian language. Anyway, I recommend this album for those collectors of new bands looking for personality and producing good stuff. – Victor Varas

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